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Concrete Testing, Sophora Project, Coquitlam


We are thrilled to unveil a momentous milestone in our journey of providing exceptional services to you. Today, we proudly introduce our new name: Accurate Materials Testing & Engineering Ltd.

As part of this exciting development, we want to emphasize the unmatched expertise of our entire team, each holding Bachelor of Science degrees in Civil Engineering. You can be confident that every aspect of your project will be handled by experts equipped with top-tier qualifications. 

Materials engineering has always been at the heart of our services. With our new name, we elevate its significance to new heights, reinforcing our commitment to delivering innovative solutions to your project.


Our core values are the DNA behind our mission, vision, and purpose. Everyday we focus on these values to ensure our clients receive optimal service. That's just what we do!​

INTEGRITY - our client relations are open and honest. We are responsible and accountable in everything we do.

QUALITY - from testing to reporting to engineering expertise, we continuously strive exceed our clients' expectations.

INGENUITY - we are creative and innovative. Value engineering is our primary focus - our team will find a value-added solution!

Accurate Soil and Concrete Testing
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